what is this project about?

Ever since I was a little kid, I've known that one of the things that matter to me the most is my family but it wasn’t until the situation in Venezuela began to deteriorate that I realized how much I love my country and how much I suffer watching it slowly die over the years. When I started to live in New York, I knew that one of my goals besides getting my degree was spreading the word about what’s happening back home since that’s a way to help through fighting the censorship. Nonetheless, I realized that whenever I started to think and talk about Venezuela I would only get sad, upset and disappointed until it got to a point of me not wanting to talk about it anymore. I felt angry and powerless because the more I hoped the situation would get better, the worse it got (and still does). It wasn’t until that moment that I decided not to define my country by its disgraces. I decided that whenever I started to think about my country I wouldn’t want to get negative thoughts anymore, because obviously Venezuela it’s not in a good place but I realized I was starting to forget why I love it so much.


Through this project, I’m addressing my perception about my country using one of my best childhood memories which was going with my family to an archipelago located in Venezuela called Los Roques. One of the things I remember the most is looking down from the plane and staring at that beautiful group of islands and the colors in the landscape. So, visually, the aerial view of Los Roques is one of the main elements in this project. While I was going through my second semester at Parsons, I realized that unfortunately, I was only focusing on the bad things that are happening back home, and even though we should never ignore these issues, I believe that letting myself notice what’s wrong in Venezuela it’s as important as remembering why I love it so much and to simply stop to focus solely on the things that are wrong in Venezuela and in the wider sense.


This project is about many things. For me, these pieces are about my family, nostalgia, the incomparable nature of Venezuela, it’s about positivity, desperation, strength, injustice, but mostly it’s about alchemizing your experiences and your thoughts and changing the way you look at life and yourself despite what you’ve been through. And I definitely can’t define what this project means to you because perhaps you’re Venezuelan, or perhaps you’re not. Perhaps something important to you changed and you find yourself sad or upset because you can’t do something about it. And I could never tell you what to do, and I won’t, but I do suggest you try to never let the bad aspects of a situation influence the good ones. 


Lastly, I want to add that you should never let yourself be blinded by negative things because the only person that will be losing the ability to find beauty in life is you.





- Millie.

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