I remember the first time I saw this little book. I was just browsing Urban Outfitters, looking for anything funny or useless in the book section near the cashiers. It's funny how things end up with you. I saw that book and knew it was going to be important to me, and somehow, I felt immediately drawn to it and started reading it, and without hesitation, I bought it. This happened almost 6 years ago (I think). I was in high school, it was almost 3 years before graduation. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life after school ended. I liked psychology but I wanted to pursue other interests, I was feeling kind of empty. I read that book in less than 3 days, randomly flipping through pages. After I finished it I would take it with me everywhere and read a random page a day. I became obsessed with it and everything around it. I learned so much about communications, advertising, and the author George Lois, which a lot of people call "the original mad man." He was involved in the advertising era in the 60s, and was an ad icon in New York City. The man was a creative god, he even inspired the iconic series Mad Men. He worked in Madison Avenue, an iconic address for advertising agencies in NYC.


That's how I decided to follow George's steps. At first, I realized he graduated from Pratt Institute, where I applied and got a scholarship to study Communications Design, a BFA  with an emphasis in advertising art direction. Nonetheless, I hated the campus, so I decided to reapply to my first option: Parsons School of Design to pursue the same major, and I did. I also ended up unintentionally living in fourth avenue the entirety of my time in New York. Madison Avenue, lies in between 5th Avenue and Park Avenue (originally 4th Avenue). During my time in NYC I had the book with me all along and it never left my night stand or my backpack. My point is: all of these goals and ambitions derived from this small book I found in a common store in between stupid books I would never read. But it was in the right place at the right time, just when I needed guidance. I would've never thought this book would be shaping my life, but it did. And now, I'm reading it again and it all comes back to me, how it made me visualize what my life looks like now (besides the pandemic and the overall crisis lol). I'm so happy and grateful for this book and how it shaped a huge percentage of who I am today. Whoever's reading this, I hope you also find things that make your life greater than it already is. I hope you get things that inspire you and make you feel happy to be alive. I hope you get passionate with ordinary things you would've never thought they could change your life forever and I hope you find them like little easter eggs :)

PS: I wrote this very quickly, without any desire to make it perfect. So take it or leave it. All the best.

-M <3

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