what is this project about?

Mental illnesses are issues that affect all kinds of people regardless of their age, gender, race, social or economic status. The conflicted topic of mental health has often been underestimated or judged throughout history, still is one of the most important elements to have in consideration to succeed as a species. Everyday, millions of people struggle and face great challenges due to mental illnesses and the consequences that they bring.


Some of the main strategies that people often resort to in order to try to help themselves deal with this situation that they encounter on the daily include going to specialists/professionals like psychiatrists and psychologists to go through therapeutic sessions and get prescriptions for specific medications depending on their particular case. As human beings, we’re constantly susceptible to design through interacting with things, buildings, clothes, architecture pieces, art, etc. We can agree that design is everywhere and that it plays a huge role in how we think and how we perceive the world during our lifetime.


Design is a solution that’s often underestimated and that could actually provide a different but still helpful approach to target and tackle the consequences of mental illnesses. Through fusing these two concepts, and if done carefully, innovative projects can be easily created to design a new way to help to treat or provide some sense of comfort during a difficult period of time for a person. Through self analysis and practicing self care exercises on the daily, making small or big changes in this area can easily leave an impression and have a positive outcome for the receptor of the design.



- Millie.

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