Millie (Militza A. Rodríguez Charr) was born in Caracas, Venezuela, where she graduated from Colegio Integral El Ávila. She moved to New York City where she studied Communication Design at Parsons School of Design and graduated as a designer in 2020.


Passionate about any creative process

that takes place in fields like advertising, photography, graphic design, visual arts,

media production, projects in the wide areas of magazine editorials and many moreArt director and creative director aspirant.


I would define my work and everything I do as an experimental and impulsive way to get rid of the need that I have always had to create. If I'm not doing anything regarding a creative area I don't feel well, like I'm missing something. I don't have a style or a specific way to define my work's aesthetic and I don't want to have one either because everything I do is different in all kinds of ways.


My projects are mostly abstract, but I don't stick with tendencies, techniques, mediums or concepts and don't like it when I do it for a long period of time because when that happens I feel like I'm stuck. I believe I'm endlessly learning and creating myself through these different experiments and stages of my life. The way I present and talk about my work is simple and personal, I don't like to separate myself from what I do and you can almost always see my essence in it (whatever it is).

Something I strongly believe in is in creating projects and concepts that come strictly and directly from your original self. I encourage others to not always do what they're told in classes, to not always follow the rules, to experiment, to do things differently to show their true selves through their work, in other words, to CREATE, which means bringing something new into the world to show others your own perspective, which is the whole point.

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milirc.97@gmail.com       NY, NY.